Alec Benjamin - Six Feet Apart [Official Lyric Video]

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They say distance is relative
and relative to relatives
I have id say I'm relatively close
To breaking down
because right now
I feel so alone
I’ve been missing the elements
and wishing the elephant
in the room would leave
and kindly close the door
I cant ignore
him like before
not anymore
Oh I miss you most at
six feet apart
When you’re right outside my window
But can’t ride inside my car
And it hurts to know
just how lovely you are
And be too far away to hold
But close enough
to break my heart
I miss your smile
Feels like miles
Six feet apart
So far
so far but so close
Like a star
out in the cosmos
Can’t touch
the beauty I see
Thats how it all feels to me
So far
so far but so close
Like a star
out in the cosmos
Can’t touch
the beauty I see
Thats how
it feels at six feet
Space and time are interwoven
well at least that’s what we’re told
when I was young
I was suspicious
But its true
time sticks like glue
I feel so blue
here missing you
So I think Ill build a time machine
and go back to a time
when we didn’t need
to measure six feet on the ground
When I came around
thats now allowed
I cant go back now
So I miss you most at
six feet apart
When you’re right outside my window
But can’t ride inside my car
And it hurts to know
just how lovely you are
And be too far away to hold
But close enough
to break my heart
I miss your smile
Feels like miles
Six feet apart
So far
so far but so close
Like a star
out in the cosmos
Can’t touch
the beauty I see
Thats how it all feels to me
So far
so far but so close
Like a star
out in the cosmos
Can’t touch
the beauty I see
Thats how
it feels at six feet

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  • These Two Windows .. out now :))))

    Alec BenjaminAlec Benjamin4 ай мурун
    • Your my Fav singer! I love your music!

      Paws PlacePaws Place9 күн мурун
    • thank you alec✨💪🏻

      Jeremia PC LalremlianaJeremia PC Lalremliana19 күн мурун
    • hi it was a nice birthday present

      Vivian EmickVivian EmickАй мурун
    • Mhm its amazing hahahah

      firaz akhtarfiraz akhtarАй мурун
    • the image is just perfect XD

      Savanna BrunsonSavanna BrunsonАй мурун
  • Everyone: **admires the message of this song** Me: Yeah, but "when you're right outside my window, but can't ride outside my car" Also Me: I thought you wrecked your car...

    Jerimiah SimmsJerimiah Simms8 саат мурун
  • Y’all this is why I love Alec

    Denki KaminariDenki Kaminari8 саат мурун
  • Six feet apart *the norm of 2020* 💀

    Vinayak TrivediVinayak TrivediКүн мурун
  • OMG SO GOOD!!! and it tells how we are all feeling!

    Abbott PruittAbbott Pruitt2 күн мурун
  • 2020: I'll be the worst year ever! Alec: *makes this song*

    Isobel Celeste AblangIsobel Celeste Ablang4 күн мурун
  • Makes me miss my sister hearing this song. Nothing like having my sister there my whole life then she is gone while I sleep.

    Angela AtkinsAngela Atkins4 күн мурун

    Cecilia OliveraCecilia Olivera6 күн мурун
  • reminds me of my best friends...

  • Everyone who disliked this video is everyone who doesn't follow the Covid-19 rules

    Samantha WoodSamantha Wood8 күн мурун
  • Suchha sweet song ouff

    Pratishtha ShreePratishtha Shree8 күн мурун
  • Anyone else listening to this on thanksgiving and can't see your family? :(

    chihuahua bentlychihuahua bently9 күн мурун
  • Omg this song is so perfect for this pandemic......

    Layla ShanleyLayla Shanley10 күн мурун
  • Musicians: How am I going to make music during quarantine? Alec: Hold my guit- wait actually I need that, give it back.

    Elianna EcclestonElianna Eccleston10 күн мурун
  • I love the movie this song cause I just watch the movie six feet apart and I love it🥺

    Nayelis Luna riveraNayelis Luna rivera10 күн мурун
  • Hearing this after school started again makes me think about this time again I mean it's still covid 19 And I take it sirious But damn that time in quarantine was hard

    oofoof12 күн мурун
  • I love this song a work of art

    1 D Arturo Hernández Sánchez1 D Arturo Hernández Sánchez16 күн мурун
  • This is actually so good

    Sarah HeddleSarah Heddle16 күн мурун
  • "Six feet apart" 2020: hello friend

    Ava CocioneAva Cocione16 күн мурун

    Fun with T!Fun with T!16 күн мурун
  • "I can't ignore him like before" 😔

    Addison McCoyAddison McCoy17 күн мурун
  • that remindes me of my boyfriend

    Cordellia RiosCordellia Rios20 күн мурун
  • 6 feet apart

    Cordellia RiosCordellia Rios20 күн мурун
  • i love this song i am crying for some reasone

    Cordellia RiosCordellia Rios20 күн мурун
  • what did we do to deserve 2020?

    PurpleWolfPurpleWolf20 күн мурун
  • I go back to school Friday. Send help ;-;

    シJupitxrシJupitxr21 күн мурун
  • *COVID!*

    Death Reaper235Death Reaper23521 күн мурун
  • 2:01 - 2:07 😭😭😭❤💔.

    Alberto 2231Alberto 223122 күн мурун
  • Extraño demasiado a mi mejor amiga (EN ESPAÑOL) I miss my best friend too much (IN ENGLISH)

    Jhacity Abigail Pérez CastilloJhacity Abigail Pérez Castillo22 күн мурун
  • u just keep surprising ur listeners bruh

    TYPH BROSTYPH BROS22 күн мурун
  • OMG, I´m crying... So realist and lovely.... I love you!!!!!

    Dora SousaDora Sousa22 күн мурун
  • Time sticks like glue. A life lesson we all need to learn

    Eli's timeEli's time23 күн мурун
  • I love how he plays with the words. His lyrics is a delight so sweet and fluid.

    Dreamer24Dreamer2423 күн мурун
  • His songs makes me cry..

    #DaPanda#DaPanda24 күн мурун
  • Who's here after quarantine:)

    Serenity TeaSerenity Tea28 күн мурун
  • guysss... whos here AFTER quarantine!!??

    Gr8test 111Gr8test 11129 күн мурун
  • Dislikes are from the people are jealous they don’t have a voice like Alec

    ・Lost Vibes・・Lost Vibes・Ай мурун
  • Turkler nerde ya?

    melike slmnakbsmelike slmnakbsАй мурун
  • This song is my soul rn, I’m the most extroverted extrovert on earth

    Minty FoxMinty FoxАй мурун
  • if this comment get 20 likes ill sing this to my class ;w;

    jenibel josephjenibel josephАй мурун
  • Alec benjamin saw social distancing coming lmaoooo

    AqflammableAqflammableАй мурун
  • Best song for ever ❤️

    Harshajit GamingHarshajit GamingАй мурун
  • I thought he was sayin the pewdiepie see instead of the beauty I see

    j leighj leighАй мурун
  • This song is my Fiancé’s Favorite song !!! Show her some love, she’s the one who showed me this beautiful song!!!!!

    Rage CharmRage CharmАй мурун
  • Love this

    Bandit SquirrelBandit SquirrelАй мурун
  • lol

  • editing this once we no longer have to distance

    lobsterellalobsterellaАй мурун
  • 5 months ago I was listening to this crying because I wasn’t able to see my boyfriend. 5 months later I’m listening to this again and appreciating every moment I now have with him

    Lark 2468Lark 2468Ай мурун
  • This song just makes me miss people more.

    KenmaKenmaАй мурун
  • It can always get better trust me

    Nadia DNadia DАй мурун
  • Being six feet apart is sending me six feet under. 😞

    Alice HuAlice HuАй мурун
  • Hey, um if your here after quarantine (if it ever ends that is) please DONT comment “who’s here after quarantine?” Because no one cares, just listen to the dang song

    Never gonna give you upNever gonna give you upАй мурун
  • Honestly, I really needed this song cause damn it's so true.

    Abri RichAbri RichАй мурун
  • this came out 5 days before my birthday... early b-day present?

    Vivian EmickVivian EmickАй мурун
  • it’s september. i still haven’t seen my best friend.

    Danni WolvertonDanni WolvertonАй мурун
  • Nice video btw

    Kiara JantiKiara JantiАй мурун
  • My grandpa passed away today and this song makes me think of him i just sit and cry to this song it has a whole different meaning to me now it's still a very beautiful song i listen to everyday

    Lolo a.k.a. LaurenLolo a.k.a. LaurenАй мурун
  • Yall go listen to six feet apart by luke combs

    Kendall MastreKendall MastreАй мурун
  • good 🎵!

    나빠나빠Ай мурун
  • When Covid 19 gives you depression:

    Shen YouTubeShen YouTubeАй мурун
  • Alec Benjamin really sucks * making bad music.*

    merciie andrewsmerciie andrewsАй мурун
  • It should be bill board top 1 song

    18Pa1A1211 Gadiraju Sanjay Varma18Pa1A1211 Gadiraju Sanjay VarmaАй мурун
  • lol who else was like stars touch (but when they touch they go boom)

    gsans 4550gsans 4550Ай мурун
  • Can't touch the pewdiepie sea

    sebasteksebastekАй мурун
  • hey 6 feet plz

    Lindsy DuranLindsy DuranАй мурун
  • The next Generation will think this is a love song when its really about quarantine and all its lonely-hell

    Mitsuba SousukeMitsuba SousukeАй мурун
  • Long-distance relationships hurt the most...So far, so far but so close Like a star, out in the cosmos ..Can't touch, the beauty I see, That's how..

    Abinash Kumar DashAbinash Kumar DashАй мурун
  • who's here after covid not me! its still 2020

    Kenice BarrettKenice BarrettАй мурун
  • It's so lovely song ❤ I can't stop repeated it 😢

    Kadeja AJKadeja AJАй мурун
  • ima try to animate the whole song on scratch, anyone wanna join?

    Noah ElmattiNoah ElmattiАй мурун
  • Covid19 song \ (•◡•) /ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ(ᵔᴥᵔ)

    Henry Htat Myat AungHenry Htat Myat AungАй мурун
  • I'm hoping there's Jeremy passion version of this song

    Fransco MayrioFransco MayrioАй мурун
  • Finally... someone understands. I hate quarantine so much. I know its keeping people safe and I’m not going out or anything but the whole Covid19 thing is just depressing. I can’t wait until this is over so I can see my little cousin and my friends again without a mask. I’m depressed and going crazy right now. I’m glad this song was made because its one of the few things that have made me feel actually better about pandemic time.

    SuperAmazeSuperAmazeАй мурун
  • Damm this is amazing I’m in 5th grade and I had this in music beautiful as well❤️

    VirgoVirgoАй мурун
  • "Ugh Quarantine sucks" All weeblets, weebs and otakus: 👁👄👁

    Emily StröhlEmily StröhlАй мурун
  • cant stop replaying this

  • :,( ;-;

    Eileen LimEileen LimАй мурун
  • Who's watching the during coronavirus quarantine

    Cats4LifeCats4LifeАй мурун
  • I wanna cry

    Liana LianawatiLiana LianawatiАй мурун
  • I’m gonna be able to tell my children, that we went through a pandemic. 😰 this song makes me feel better tho. Maybe I’ll show my kids this song one day.. :

    coad562 Robloxcoad562 RobloxАй мурун
  • who's here after covid?? *i am*

    cianacianaАй мурун
    • After covid? Lmao covid is still a thing and restrictions are still happening.

      Manic QueenManic QueenАй мурун
  • Read this if you have ever felt alone, depressed, suicidal, lost, scared, worthless, abandoned, or anything of that nature this is for you 👇 You are beautiful. You are wanted. You are wonderful. Don't quit on yourself. Don't hurt yourself. You are worth the world and nobody wants to see you suffering. This is not the end. The way you feel right now will pass. People's mind will change. Things will get better. We love you and are always here for you. Do not do something permanent over something temporary. You're better than that. All stars need to see darkness before the light Your Own Unique Mindset Always Tries To Engage in the Right ways Now read the first letter of every word You matter! no matter what other people may say. Always know this is true. It helps. You are worth my time to write this. I do care. Continue on to be a soldier. Fight that war. Because you can. I believe in you. I'm rooting on you! Good luck!

    AbbyAbbyАй мурун
    • Thank you, Abby💜

      Grace TordiffeGrace Tordiffe18 күн мурун
  • i know that it's about covid but it reminds me of my system because *i want to hug them but i can't* not physically at least we never will be able to *see* each other in the physical world i can't lift the little one in the air or see the grin on their face, i can't wrap myself around the caretaker to protect her as she's protected us and it hurt so bad that we'll never be able to touch

    motion emotionmotion emotionАй мурун
  • People in the uk confused rn lol

    TrashyAMV'sTrashyAMV'sАй мурун
  • I haven't seen most of my family in forever... good thing people have phones to call people 😁😭

    AbbyAbbyАй мурун
    • Ayyyyyy same name! 🤪😅👋🏼

      AbbyAbbyАй мурун
  • I know what u mean😭

    AbbyAbbyАй мурун
  • I used to listen to just random singers I heard from friends but now that I've heard alec benjamin he's my favorite singer and I've added every song to my playlist ^w^

    unicorn dogunicorn dogАй мурун
  • Luke Combs is better

    Zach LevesqueZach LevesqueАй мурун
  • alec benjamin music is just so different from the mainstream music. it literally is like its own genre and makes songs that are so heartwarming. this is why i love his songs.

    maya deguzmanmaya deguzmanАй мурун
  • This teaches us six feet apart SUCKS!!!! But in the song he stayed six feet away so that's good.😂😂😊😊

    Annie NeilAnnie NeilАй мурун
  • "but can't ride inside my car" I've been singing "looking right inside my car" this entire time

    it's just jordynit's just jordynАй мурун
  • In Quarantine, I love listening to alec Benjamin so much I never want to pause his songs.

    Abigael JimenezAbigael JimenezАй мурун
  • About six months later we are in the same state we were then

    Tara OMahoneyTara OMahoney2 ай мурун
  • Please continue the good work mann !!! I love each and every of your song !!!

    palash sompalash som2 ай мурун
  • We’re gonna have this story to tell, and this song is here to show, we’re almost past the hard times, be strong! Oh and children in 2050 your parents are strong

    Syd plays To muchSyd plays To much2 ай мурун
  • I’m very social, so this rang to me

    Syd plays To muchSyd plays To much2 ай мурун
  • Damn. I'm crying.

    Gemma MartiskainenGemma Martiskainen2 ай мурун
  • Nobody literally nobody corona: YES finally a song made for me ◓v◓

    George SimmonsGeorge Simmons2 ай мурун

    N64 ShadowN64 Shadow2 ай мурун

    MJMJ2 ай мурун